Sydney 2003

head-r12The precursor to international peace summits in the US, Canada and the UK, this summit featured international and Australian guest speakers from major political parties and organisations.

Speakers identified the signs of change and envisioned a worldwide culture of peace then joined in a panel discussion with the audience to formulate a blueprint for positive actions for peace.  The summit itself was attended by over 500 guests and attracted a significant audience via web cast on the internet.  Viewing of the web cast and downloading of speeches from the summit exceeded 450,000 unique viewers.

The speakers addressed the empowerment of the human heart and will, and recognized its emerging strength in the world as we look to those leaders who can point the way with greater clarity and as we enter a new age, a new era, and create a new culture. They addressed the causal level behind world situations and clarified the way forward to achieve a dynamic, creative world at peace.

The young people ensured that all went smoothly. Highlights were the thoughtful opening remarks from the youth MC, the inspiring closing message of the day from the leader of the youth hosts and then the amazing celebration of the World Peace Prayer Flag ceremony as 192 children, youth and adults presented each of the member flags of the United Nations and moved in procession from the Great Hall at the University of Sydney to Victoria Park for the planting of the Peace Pole. There, the choir and student captains of Cabramatta High school paid tribute to the energy of peace and our united intention to anchor it on Earth. The celebration concert was the final exquisite gift to the purpose of the day.

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