About MFPA

We recognize that the world is interconnected and that everything influences the whole. As a consequence, there is no “them and us.” There is only us, and the welfare of others, indeed of all life, is our own welfare.

Therefore, we must seek ways to consciously connect and build a culture of peace with nonviolence and cooperation as organising principles. Indeed, all our systems of foreign policy, education, politics, business, health, and social welfare can and must be united in seeking, teaching, and living peace.

Already, peacebuilding and conflict transformation technologies are being developed and put into practice around the world in a wide range of conflict situations within and between countries. The time has come to educate ourselves and help create the necessary infrastructure for peace in our culture.

A Ministry for Peace existing within the Australian Federal Government and indeed amongst all governments of the world.

The Ministry for Peace Australia is dedicated to making this shared vision a reality.  To not only campaign for a Ministry for Peace in Australia but also to work with the government to ensure a workable structure and scope for such a ministry.