The inaugural Ministry For Peace’s Corporate Ecology Forum was conducted on the 29th October 2008. It was an opportunity to share views on the role that corporations have in bringing and maintaining peace to our world.

The Forum aimed to provide new insights and indicate a way forward for corporations, should they plan to exist in the fast emerging culture of peace.

Five speakers from diverse disciplines presented cutting edge perspectives on why peace will
be the new brand on company’s balance sheets and why corporations cannot ignore it.

Forum Speakers:


Claire brings a passion for educating that promotes understanding and brings results. With over a decade of teaching in a range of major tertiary educational institutes and consulting to organisations in various research and facilitation capacities, she is also in private practise for coaching and leadership.

Her methods are continuously participatory and carry the objective of engaging those involved towards gaining a deeper understanding of their situations.

Claire has developed programs for facilitating leadership for individuals and groups based on an innovative theoretical framework called Confluential Leadership. This is a consciousness model of leadership that uses process orientated and expansive techniques to bring greater awareness of the individual within the collective.

Claire holds a number of Management teaching appointments and has held various teaching positions   over the past decade including Qualitative Research Methods to masters and post graduate students; Organisational Learning and Development at University of Western Sydney Management School; Leadership in Human Resources courses; Management skills to Engineering students at Sydney University.  Currently, Clare is developing new practitioner based research methods for PhD students at Macquarie Graduate School of Management.

Clare’s methods and approach to leadership has proved its effectiveness in many settings: the evaluation of leadership (e.g. BP Western Australia); assessment of tertiary institute readiness for major educational revision (e.g. UNSW Medical School); critique of communication structures within an organisation (e.g. Courage to Care).

Clare is currently a director on the board of Spirituality, Leadership and Management (SLaM).

SLaM is a member based global network dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness, with a primary focus on down to earth, practical ways of improving leadership and management of organisations, communities and the natural world to facilitate this evolutionary process.

Sharon RyanSharon has over 20 years experience leading business and IT transformation programmes.  Her experience has shown that the foundation step is in the understanding of the unique attributes and behaviour of the organisation’s ecosystem in order to (re)ignite the passion and increase trust.

She is a key member of the Global Give Back Program working with schools in Nairobi, and Kenya to coach and mentor girls through their education and beyond. In 2007 she was part of the task force working in Nairobi to lobby various groups for program funding and investment. In addition, she delivered IT courses to the girls and their teachers.

Sharon is certified in TRUST in the Betrayal and the Workplace (Building Better Relationships) and wrote the Australian stories for the 2nd edition released in 2006. She continues to collaborate with Michelle and Dennis Reina – the authors of this groundbreaking work – and is seeking ways to bring them and this work to Australia.

She holds a Master of Business and Technology (MBT), and is currently undertaking a part-time Juris Doctor (JD) as part of her commitment to lifelong learning.

Sharon is currently the Director for Strategic Research and Knowledge Management at Fujitsu Australia Limited.


In a corporate capacity, Bronwyn was a senior Organisational Development Consultant and managed a portfolio of leadership development programmes for the Absa Group and Barclays Africa.  Absa is one of South Africa’s largest financial services organisations with over 34,000 permanent staff members.  In 2005, Barclays Bank PLC (UK) bought a 56.6% stake in Absa and is now the majority stakeholder.

Bronwyn and her team were accountable for managing high-profile programmes with Executive Sponsors, including Directors and CEO’s one of the programmes being the implementation of the Enterprise-wide Leadership Development Framework to all staff in the organisation.  She has an agency agreement with the co-designers of the content, The Village of Leaders, in South Africa and is a trained facilitator of the various programs.  These programs are designed to embed sustainable New Economy leadership behaviours and values on an individual and organisational level.

Bronwyn has had a varied and successful career with this organisation, including a 12 year stint in Information Technology, the last 3 at executive management level.

She is passionate about people and their development and believes in the innate and limitless potential of human beings to change themselves and their world.  She is a qualified Executive Personal Coach and is a member of The People Business Coaching Fraternity, and COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors Association of South Africa).  She has the ability to gain the trust of people and to operate professionally at all levels of an organization. Her formal qualifications also include a Bachelor of Arts and an MBA.

Bronwyn and her family are currently in the process of immigrating to Australia.

Robert C. Hinkley has over thirty years experience as a securities lawyer, manager and accountant.   Bob’s experience includes advising clients from a range of industries in the People’s Republic of China, New Zealand, US, Indonesia and Australia.  Some of these industries include financing companies, airlines, banking, brewing, building products, e-commerce, forest products, insurance, mining (coal, copper, diamonds, gold and vanadium), petrochemicals, public utilities and telecommunications.

Over a thirty year span, he has successfully managed and grew legal practices in Australia, the US and Asia.

Bob is the originator of the Code for Corporate Citizenship, 28 words to be added to the duty of directors in the corporate law which will ensure that the pursuit of the corporation’s interests do not come at the expense of the environment, human rights, the public health and safety, the dignity of employees or the welfare of the communities in which the corporation operates.

Bob is a published author of numerous articles in periodicals including the Australian Financial Review, The Australian, the Sydney Morning Herald and Business Ethics Magazine, and interviewed by, among others, The Sun Magazine, the Business Law Journal at the University of California – Davis Law School and the Corporate Crime Reporter on topic of corporate citizenship.  Bob is also a frequent lecturer and speaker on these matters.


Dip Training and Assessment Systems., BA (Psych)., Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, MAppSci Social Ecology

Chris is a leader in training in applied cognitive psychology. He and the consultants in his company specialise in cultural, corporate and personal change. He has over twenty years experience in coaching, consulting and leading seminars in Australia and the US.

He holds a Diploma in Training and Assessment Systems, a Degree in Psychology, a Graduate Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a Masters degree in Applied Science Social Ecology. Chris specialises in one to one work with people, course design and accreditation, and the training of corporate consultants and executive coaches.

Some of his former clients include Sydney Water, CSR Asia, Telstra, Australian Bureau of Statistics, National Westminster, Societe Generale Australia, the International Institute of Business Analysts and Environmental Health Australia.

Chris is the Managing Director of Inspiritive Pty Ltd, a registered training organisation (RTO) which he has been running with his partner since 1992. Since 1982 till 1992 he worked as a sole proprietor trading as Collingwood & Associates carrying out one on one private coaching.