Role of an MFP

Biannca Pace May 2005

If we look to the past history of humanity we see constant wars and battles between countries, nations, states, tribes and even families.

Time and time again we have seen that the solving of our differences cannot be through war. Yes after conflict relative harmony ensures, but soon another set of differences arise and we are thrust into war again.

These differences are usually because humanity has not seen fit to share resources for they have never visioned “en masse” the necessity for viewing LIFE as ONE interdependent, WHOLE.

Over the centuries instead of delighting in our diversity and seeing the beauty in that diversity we have become stuck in ever widening corridors of separation. We have allowed the beauty in diversity to be seen as ugliness, as differences which can only be reconciled through war. And although we have used our mind to take us to the Moon we have been unable to use it to take us to the Stars and bring Heaven on Earth.

Instead we have become less human and less humane as we, even today, battle each other over, differences of opinion. …My religion is better than yours, my race is more important that yours, only by following this God will you be saved… ..

In whose opinion?

There are 2 billion Christians, over 1 billion Muslims, 708 million Buddhists, and 15 million Jews, and they are entitled to their opinion – but do not force it on anybody else, for usually the force used is a WAR.

As a consequence every country has a Department of War usually called a Department of Defence.


AND if a Dept of Peace only brings a world without war ….it will already by much – for it would mean a world where brotherhood, having been recognized as a practical application of love, would prevail . ” Love thy neighbour as thyself.” A truly humane ideal !

I can imagine a world where order rules.  A world where each and every person has their place and value. Where the science of our world would be harnessed for humanity’s benefit.

A world of plenty for all, a world where food, shelter, clothing, education and health would be considered as basic human rights.

Where the spirit of community so touched our hearts and minds that we knew each other as children of the One Creator.

In this world of understanding and goodwill to all people, peace would reign, for peace is not a cause; it is an effect…… of goodwill .

And in this -World of Peace- we would reap the fruits of that peace and our academy’s would be full of our children, eager to learn new ways of sharing and growing in stature as noble, dignified, humane, human beings.

Our hospitals would be almost empty, for disease would be no more, thanks to the great scientific minds working together to benefit mankind.

Our Arts would once again become a source of beauty and inspiration, a new renaissance of colour and sound.

Our political system would return to governance by wisdom and our politicians would elevate themselves to Statesmen and Stateswomen.

We would again have great Philosophers and our religions would come together in ONE great system of understanding; that we are all children of the One Creator.

A world of freedom, of abundance for all, such a world is our destiny when peace becomes the organizing principle in our societies and when every Government in our world has a Department of Peace.

Thank you.