Peace in Our Time

As we observe the world, its people and the challenges we all face in our time, a call goes out to all who have within them the seeds of Peace – to all who have an understanding of the One World shared by the One Humanity – knowing that we all have common needs and common goals within a rich diversity of expression – that there is room and sustenance sufficient for us all on this planet – that there is nothing to fight for or against when we know one another within the one body of  Humanity.

What then is the vision?

A world in which our precious resources and life energies are directed and expressed for the good of the whole; a world in which spiritual values guide and permeate our being; a world in which new and vaster horizons appear before us beckoning us onward to greater things – to things unheard and unthought while our heads and hearts and efforts have been restricted by a belief in separation, in preparations for war, for retaliation, for domination. To what end? To maintain the futile cycle of violence – nation against nation, brother against brother? We are challenged to turn our God-given creative capacities to preparations for Peace – to a new world – to a Culture of Peace.

Let us start here and let us start now.

And so we have entered upon a series of global Peace Summits which will circle the world as co-operators respond increasingly to a new realisation of Peace – a realisation that Peace in its true sense is a state of consciousness that demonstrates outwards from a deeper source of our being, urging the building of new structures and modes of expression, inspired by the vision of the oneness and the interdependence of all life. Peace is a dynamic, progressive state of awareness that manifests in ‘an environment of sustainability’ within which is found that living substance from which we may create a new world, a new culture, wherein progress is assured for every person, indeed for every form of life on the planet.

The initial inspiration for these Peace Summits emerged as We the People Summit for Peace in Burlington Vermont USA on 28th September 2002 and flowed onward to inspire a second Summit Share the Spirit of Peace – Peace Summit in Sydney Australia 1st March 2003. It is a force gathering momentum as people everywhere respond to the sound – it is irresistible, unstoppable in its forward movement. It is attracting co-operation from an army of volunteers for Peace and support through the donation of many necessary professional services and expertise involved in the organisation of such large events.

There is a sense that there is a greater guiding hand or thought behind the scenes – and as it has been said: there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.