Costa Rica 2009

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Judy Norman, representing the Australia Campaign for a Ministry of Peace read a welcome blessing from Stella Cornelius, founder of the Conflict Resolution Network. The book an Australian Campaign for a Ministry for Peace: A World Initiative describing the campaign in the 1980s through UNAA was presented to the Global Alliance.

Dr. Dot Maver, USA presented Rita Marie Johnson and Rasur Foundation, the organizing group of the GA Costa Rica Summit a banner of peace in appreciation on behalf of a grateful Global Alliance. The Banner of Peace represents one humanity celebrating religions, arts and science in all cultures which will realize a Culture of Peace.

Rita Marie Johnson, founder of Rasur Foundation welcomed 200 delegates from 40 countries to the fourth Global Alliance Summit for Ministries and Departments of Peace in Costa Rica where President Oscar Arias signed the bill this week for a Costa Rica Ministry of Justice and Peace and welcomed the delegates last night at the San Jose Children’s Theatre.

Diane Brandenberg with Brandenberg Family Foundation read a letter of endorsement and encouragement to the delegates at this historic summit from His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Corina Simon, Global Alliance Secretariat through the generosity of PATRIR, Romania, shared the journey from the founding meeting in London 2005, through the Canada 2006 Summit, through the Japan 2007 Summit to Costa Rica in 2009.

Global Alliance accomplishments in the past four years include:
20 Country campaigns
Nepal Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction
Costa Rica Ministry of Justice and Peace

We are now beginning the Appreciative Inquiry “Next Days” Process with Dr. David Cooperrider, Professor at Case Western Reserve University, USA.

These two planning days will be followed by a Learning Day on Sunday and Government Day and Closing Ceremony on the International Day of Peace Monday, September 21st.

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September 21, 2009

4th Global Alliance Summit for Ministries and Departments of Peace
San Jose, Costa Rica, Sept. 17-21, 2009

The 4th Global Alliance (GA) Summit was a resounding success with 200 participants attending from more than 40 countries, enhanced by a live streaming video link to the world. The Summit was inspired by Costa Rica’s declaration, earlier this month, of a Minister of Justice and Peace, making it the third country in the world to have such a Ministry. The President of Costa Rica, Dr. Oscar Arias, addressed the opening of the Summit, and told us that:

“The task is only just starting; the creation of a Ministry for Peace…is not the final achievement, merely the making of a road to achieve sustainable order that would allow resolution of human conflicts without violence.”

The mission of the GA is to support the establishment of Ministries and Departments of Peace in all nations. The Summit, in order to prepare itself to work with governments to build national infrastructures for peace, heard from experts in the fields of : Unarmed Civilian Peace Services and Youth Engagement in Peacebuilding; Academies for Peace, Restorative Justice Practices; Peace Economics; Innovation in the Use of Media; Nuclear and General Disarmament; Civil Society and Government Cooperation; and, Networking with the UN and Business.

The GA also established strategic direction and an action plan for its next phase and formed a dynamic Leadership Council, with membership from 6 continents, to carry its mission forward, partner with other international sister organizations and plan its next Summit.

Rita Marie Johnson of the Rasur Foundation in Costa Rica, Summit convener, summed up the achievement of the Summit, stating, “The GA members embodied peace as they took a quantum leap toward national peace infrastructures by presenting a detailed picture of hope for the world. We know what to do and we will do it – together in the name of peace.”

The Summit concluded with a determination to witness the formation of at least 2 more Ministries or Departments of Peace by the time of the next Summit to be held in 2011.