• To call on the Australian Federal Government to establish an officially recognised and funded Department of Peace, with full accountability and responsibility to the Australian People for ensuring that all Government Departments and Instrumentalities adhere to and practice a Culture of Peace, both in Australia and overseas. Additionally to support and encourage the development of a global Culture of Peace within their international relations and as a matter of foreign policy.
  • To facilitate the Australian State and Federal Governments professionalising and officially recognising the peace process so that the voices of the peacemakers are heard at the highest levels of government decision making.
  • To assist the Australian Federal Government to support the peace initiatives of the United Nations and to implement the programme of action outlined in the 1999 UN Declaration on a Culture of Peace.
  • To work with the Australian State and Federal Governments to implement and exemplify a Culture of Peace, thus all taking responsibility for setting the highest example to the Australian people.
  • To address the root causes of violence in our society by researching, facilitating and strengthening support for conflict avoidance in domestic, workplace, national and international areas.
  • By using foresight prior to a conflict arising and to mobilise peacemakers and peacebuilders if conflict does arise.
  • To facilitate peace education programmes and the establishing of a Peace Academy.
  • To support the International People’s Initiative working towards the creation of Departments of Peace and Ministries for Peace within governments worldwide.