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Australia, like all nations, has a responsibility to promote peace and foster a culture of non-violence. It is crucial for governments to institutionalize peace and prioritize the voices of peacemakers in decision-making processes. By professionalizing and officially recognizing the peace process, we can ensure that peacebuilding efforts are given the attention they deserve at the highest levels of government.

One way to achieve this is by supporting the peace initiatives of the United Nations and implementing the program of action outlined in the 1999 UN Declaration on a Culture of Peace. By aligning with the global efforts for peace, Australia can contribute to creating a more harmonious and peaceful world.

Collaboration between the Australian State and Federal Governments is essential in implementing and exemplifying a culture of peace. This requires taking responsibility and setting the highest example for the Australian people. By working together, we can demonstrate the importance of peace and inspire others to follow suit.

To effectively address the root causes of violence in our society, it is crucial to invest in research, facilitate conflict avoidance, and strengthen support systems in domestic, workplace, national, and international settings. By understanding the underlying issues that lead to violence, we can develop targeted strategies to prevent conflicts and promote peaceful resolutions.